Frantic Holiday

Looking at my watch for the umpteenth time, I was wondering whether I’d ever get out of work. I was already two hours over my expected five hours of a work day. I had hoped that I would get home on time that day to get homework done for my one credit class. I still had three long chapters to read and I thought I had two papers to write and a quiz, all to be done before Monday evening. Unfortunately, even though I took the syllabus quiz the weekend before, I didn’t fully realize that the majority of the assignments were written therein, and that I could have been reading the information all along. (They weren’t posted on the Content page until several days before they were due.  I began getting stressed out, thinking I would never get it done and even thinking I may need to drop the class. It wasn’t until over the weekend that I discovered I didn’t need to write papers, although I still needed to read three more chapters. I did my best with that, since I worked all weekend, and did fairly well on the quiz.