Escaping the Inkwell

Makes me think of ‘Double double, toil and trouble…”  Ah Shakespeare coined the phrase well.

Well, this post isn’t about Shakespeare.  No, this is more about the being that I am trying to be published, I thought it prudent recently to find out what the format of a manuscript should be, if I ever need to send it off to an agent or editor.  I had first thought about it after reading one of Tim Kane’s post on what not to do when you  submit a manuscript.  I knew some of the things, like playing with fonts.  A big no-no.  And  changing page margins to fit more words on the page.  Uh, yeah, they are seriously not going to like that. 

However, I didn’t know about the not hitting the Tab button to indent, and the single space after a sentence, rules.  You wouldn’t think those would be big things…

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