I have about four ideas of things to write about and then a situation came up with Vonage, so I thought I’d share about that first. If I get enough words this will be my post for today, if not, I’ll try to do another one later today.

For the past two years my husband and I have been without a cell phone, mainly because of finances. (I was going to make that latter part  a sentence, but since it isn’t, did I put it in the right place)? My girls took over our account two years ago and this past June got a new plan, they decided to let me have a phone on their plan with them.

Recently, they decided to change plans knowing full well they’d have to pay an early disconnection fee, but they wanted to switch to one of the Apple products, and found that Sprint had the better  plan for them. They were going to wait until February hoping to get money from taxes or something, but since my daughter had money in the bank switched plans this past weekend.

Knowing that they were planning this, I remembered that my daughter got mail about Vonage. I don’t watch TV and haven’t seen the ads about it, but I did take a look at their Web site  to see what it was all about. I read quite a bit before making my decision. I really thought it was for cell phone use, it didn’t make sense to me how a cell phone would work with an internet connection. I figured technology isn’t understandable to those of us that don’t work with it, right?

I think part of what caused me to think this way was the fact that they mailed an invitation to my daughter who is not the one with the home phone, but only has a cell phone. Probably anyone reading this would question how I could misunderstand how Vonage really works. I thought that just in case someone else is in the same boat, a post on this might be helpful.

For those looking to change your home phone provider, Vonage is one of the best Voip providers.Voip stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. It’s a way to pay less for one’s home phone service, the only problem is that the minutes are limited like a cell phone. It can also be used with another phone number, but I think generally the thinking on that is having another family member on your plan. Whether they have to also have internet service I don’t know. If you have  your cell phone as a part of the plan, you still have to maintain your current cell phone subscriber status for it to work properly.

Skype is also a VOIP service, although most users only use it as a way to communicate using their internet service and their computer and webcam if they have one. A phone can be purchased to use the service if you don’t have a computer. This is not the best way to utilize the Skype service, as it then puts Skype low on the scale for reliability. Otherwise, from what I’ve heard (my kids and others I know use it), it works nicely. The rating can be found at http://www.nextadvisor.com/voip_services/index.php?a=2&kw=gvcv+VoIP%20service%20provider%20compare-fq-\’Voip+providers,+who\’s+the+best?\’&gclid=CJehn8eQqqwCFcLAKgod7DxvfA. “Home, VoIP services”


If someone want to critique my writing, it would be fine with me. There’s a few places where I wanted to put a ‘that’, but Tracy I was thinking of you, so I left the ‘that’s’ out and put comma’s instead. 🙂 In my phrase:the only problem is that the minutes are limited like a cell phone/ it says that ‘are limited’ is passive voice. Does that really matter in this instance?


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  1. Roz Weedman
    Nov 09, 2011 @ 19:46:37

    Oh, Marcia! I’ve been thinking about what the next posting on my Writing blog should be. Passive voice is a perfect one to tackle. First, lots of people don’t know it when they see it. Second, sometimes it’s great and other times it’s horrible but when? You’re right. In this instance, it is just fine.

    I don’t know much about Vonage but phones are expensive so if this saves people money, I’m all for it. I’m addicted to technology but part of the reason is that Delta is a fairly high tech place to work, thus my friends are generally high tech users, and I’m there too. Not among the highest tech at all — but in the pack.

    My son and his family live and work overseas, all the way in Indonesia. His company, which is an American company, has numerous remote locations. This is their second year in Indonesia after two years in Congo. Both locations are pretty remote. Skype is the primary means of communications. It’s free and you can see each other (if you like). Even the 8 month old baby heads over to the computer on a fast crawl to see who’s there. The two year old is completely acclimated to this communication, and they had to call back one night because I apparently hung up without telling her good night (but she wasn’t in the room at the time). She actually races over to kiss the screen which seems somewhat like a personal kiss to her. She shows me things (like her rubber snake she got at a Halloween party) knowing I can see it.

    To the 8 year old (yes, there’s an 8 month old and an 8 year old), this is all “situation normal.” It’s his world. He chatted about the helicopter rides that are also a normal part of his life (very remote location).

    The plus of that is that when they all arrive here in a month or so for the holidays, I will be a familiar voice and face and name (Nana), rather than an abstract stranger. Taking the distance out of long distance is a remarkable thing.

    Back to grammar issues. All of you should be noticing what your grammar check flags and certainly what your spell check flags. Don’t ignore those squiggly lines. They are telling you something although not always things you have to address. They should still cause you to think about it. Since this is class, there’s no such thing as a writing opportunity where it doesn’t matter. And it also can generate questions when you’re not sure what it means.


    • marsha4852
      Nov 09, 2011 @ 20:21:24

      I have an online friend on the writing site I’ve been a part of for four years, she lives in Oregon. She keeps getting confused about what passive and active voice are. I keep telling her, she keeps forgetting. She’s a retired/disabled teacher, although she taught for special ed children. She’s good with most grammar things, that one just eludes her for some reason. I’m getting the hang of it, mostly because of word press.

      So, you didn’t find any comma splices or that type of thing in my post?

      One of my window customers uses Skype with her daughter in Ann Arbor, and she feels the same way about it. She loves being able to talk with and see her grandkids at the same time.

      I don’t think Vonage has that part available, although I could be wrong. I think it’s more for a less expensive home phone. Although if a person makes a lot of calls, it can be more expensive. Another thing to consider is that 911 calls work a bit differently than what we’re used to.


  2. Tracy M
    Nov 11, 2011 @ 15:16:14


    I have not been critiquing blog posts. I thought they were suppose to be a way of practicing our writing, and learning to put our thoughts into words. I am not a good writer and tend to get very nervous every time I have to post anything. Instead of thinking about what needs to be written, I worry if I will sound “dumb” or if anyone else will find my post interesting. It just seems easier to write if I block out the thought of every word being critiqued. I would prefer to leave the spelling and grammar part of our class to someone (Professor Weedman) who knows what they are doing. I would feel terrible if I told someone that their writing was wrong, then it turned out that it was me instead of the writing. : )

    I did find your post interesting. When we moved to this area, we used Vonage for our home phone service. We used their service until Charter offered a phone plan bundled with our cable and internet. I did not realize that Vonage had a cell phone service also.

    Tracy Metcalf


    • marsha4852
      Nov 12, 2011 @ 01:31:30

      Tracy, They do not have a cell phone service, that was my main point (I think) :p “I” thought it was a cell phone service and ordered the service with that in mind. I had never seen an ad before looking at their web site. Once I did see their site and what they were offering, I still didn’t realize that it was a home phone they were offering rather than a cell phone.

      Someone reading this topic of mine might think I’m an idiot for not realizing what Vonage offers. Even so, I thought in case others didn’t know anymore than I did, I’d ‘publicize’ my mistake.


  3. kraziebrowneyes
    Nov 16, 2011 @ 13:56:47

    Very good blog on Vonage. I have noticed a lot of people have no clue what it is. I have a few friends who work with computers all of them have their opinion on this phone service. Most of them dislike it because there is ones out there you can use for free.I was wonder if you still use this service. If so what is your though on it?


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