Bird by Bird

“Say to yourself in the kindest possible way, Look, honey, all we’re going to do for now is to write a description of the river at sunrise, or the young child swimming in the pool at the club, or the first time the man sees the woman he will marry. That is all we are going to do for now. We are just going to take this bird by bird. But we are going to finish this one short assignment.”

This is a book about writing and life written by Anne Lamont. The title is Bird by Bird. She has some great ideas about working through writer’s block and getting started writing especially when writing childhood stories, but other concepts also.

I think this is a great paragraph because it gets the reader to wonder how birds relate to writing. That is explained, but not in this paragraph


Frantic Holiday

Looking at my watch for the umpteenth time, I was wondering whether I’d ever get out of work. I was already two hours over my expected five hours of a work day. I had hoped that I would get home on time that day to get homework done for my one credit class. I still had three long chapters to read and I thought I had two papers to write and a quiz, all to be done before Monday evening. Unfortunately, even though I took the syllabus quiz the weekend before, I didn’t fully realize that the majority of the assignments were written therein, and that I could have been reading the information all along. (They weren’t posted on the Content page until several days before they were due.  I began getting stressed out, thinking I would never get it done and even thinking I may need to drop the class. It wasn’t until over the weekend that I discovered I didn’t need to write papers, although I still needed to read three more chapters. I did my best with that, since I worked all weekend, and did fairly well on the quiz.